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Reading - We will be learning to read using many different easy reading books that your child will take home to practice. We will be learning 5 sight words every week. Please practice these words daily if you child is having difficulty learning them. They will be practicing then in order so practice them at home in the same order if your child is having difficulty remembering them. We have finished the Eighteenth word list and if your child didn’t know them all I will be practicing them with him/her every day.

We now have an app on the i-pad that lets the children take pictures of the work they do at school so you can see what they are doing at home. I am video taping their Show and Tell presentations so you can see how they present things to the class. You can go to
https://app.seesaw.me/s/891-103-646 to look at their work.

Computer - We now all know how to log in and get to Raz-Kids. The children listen to stories, read stories and answer questions on the stories they have read. I have tried to put them on a level that they can read comfortably. Your child can also read at home on Raz-Kids. Once you are on
https://www.raz-kids.com you just have to type in the teacher as akroese1.
They can also go on a site called student.frontrowed.com They can sign in as a student, put in their first and last name and then the password is siepmn They can practice math on this site. Students can also practice spelling on Frontrowed.com
We are also working on learning how to draw, type and do things on Kidpix.

Printing - Please practice the correct way at home using the sheet which was sent home on the first day.

Math - We are adding and subtracting up to 10. We are also working on 10 frames so the children with learn the facts of 10. We are putting numbers on the 100 number chart. We are practicing the friendly facts to 10. We are also learning how to do problem solving using a problem solving template. We are learning the doubles 6+6, 7+7, 8 + 8 and 9 + 9. We are also trying to have every child practice math facts on Front Row every day.

Unit Studies - Daily and Seasonal Changes.

Bible - We are studying the Early Monarchy.

Our memory verse for June is the second verse of Praise the Lord with the Sound of Trumpet.